A bespoke evidential photographic service                  Tel No.07840798846.

Photoconstable is an established international photographic service for the Judicial, Insurance, Construction,Tourism and Leisure industry or for the private individual, where visual photographic evidence is required for court / insurance and compensation claim purposes.

A photograph can prove to be an essential part of a case or claim and if taken correctly can bring it alive,whether it involves personnel injury, medical negligence, property  damage,  product liability or vehicle collision damage, accidental or deliberate.

I will work closely with you to carefully photographically record all aspects to portray, what to identify in the photograph to assist you the client with your claim, it is not only the equipment that counts, but the experience and knowledge of the person behind the camera.

You can be rest assured that you will be in safe hands with photoconstable, guided at all times in all aspects of best practice, knowledge and experience by a committed individual, providing you with the highest standard of evidential photography at all times.

All photographs are taken in the strictest confidence, travel to and from the clients location anywhere within the United Kingdom and Europe within 24-48 hours on assignment of commission.